SELF USA European Marketplace 

Our Market Place is both Unique & Whimsical

What's Trendy at our Marketplace in 2016 & Beyond? branding our new concept stores, as place where you can shop and interact w/ friends. 
design & build 
your sytles mix and mingle other Brands & styles...
2016 Fashions 
New Looks and Trunk sales
What you Can [email protected] The Matketplace Store
lots of colorful styles that include cross-merchdising and unique and whimsical purses, jungle bags, artsy bags, backpack and scraves from japan, Spain & France...
Don't forget to check out our made in USA and Michigan; Etsy Homemade products.

         We're Truly a must see Market with lots  of             Whimsy, Rare + unique girly dress-up and fun items
In-store Fun Products & Items to Wow any Girl
Be Prapare to state a while...Most Girl find it hard to leave, You will Too!

 "Parlez-vous Francais?"
"Do you speak French?" 
You Don't Have to Speak French to Buy French  

Do you know Japanesee fashion or their  Harajuku Styles?

Cory Coat Sale 20-30% off

A Taste of Paris France
Designer's Fashion for Girls 2016 & Beyond
Design a Princess Gown & Accessories
15-25% off January Sale

USA Fashions New York, Chicago, Michigan, LA

European Fashions

         A Taste of Japan's Harajuku Style 
        Coming to Our Marketplace IN 2016

   Lolita & the Harajuku Style from Japan

Be Creative! What do you think of this Dress-up look? 
                 Some looks are For Girls 16 and older
      Email us What you think!  Items are Simply Fun! 

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Harajuku Fashions

NOW SHOWING!!!  Harajuku Fashions & Harajuku Perfumes
Jewelry, Make-up, Artist Colors, Tutus, Hats, Colorful Wigs & Hair Extentsions, Whimsical Bags, Hair Accessories,B BAGS + BOWS
Yoyo Tights, Handpainted Socks, colorful ScArVES Accessories...
 add a little or a lot; that's what make it your (SELF)...add colors/add fun, BE YOU!!!

Harajuku Decora Fashion - デコラファッション

Unique & Whimsical Fashions   

  1. Mix & Match 
  2. Build Your Own Style   
  3. Rare Accessories
  4. Jewelrly
  5. Make Up
  6. Color Hair
  7. Paint Face Art
  8. Big Hats          

Coming in May 

2016 our online Store


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