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Cooking Sessions & Events 
Register Jr Chefs 8-12     Young Chefs 13-16
Adult & Teen Sessions are Available

Cooking Sessions for Kids Teens  Adults

  • Cooking Matters for kids & teens-adults
  • cooking classes

At SELF USA Marketplace we host cooking sessions for girls-teens-tweens-young adults & adults...We're proud  to support the many cooking schools that provides a fun teaching and educational setting for  those cooks in training and those cooks that simply wants to learn to cook healthy.

What's Cooking?

Join our chef and/or guest instructor along with other participants as we explore the versatility and the art of create delicious small dishes and even a tasty dessert. 

What to Expect?

  • Lots of Fun 
  • Interact & working side by side
  • Create  Twist on the dish you choose  make from our Menu
  • Enjoyment in exchanging cooking technique
  • Create Menu
  • Eating your dish & Tasting other while socializing w/ your group
  • Hands-on classes
  • Erich learning experience
  • Classes are limited to 2-8 participants
What You Will Learn?
  • The Hows in making simple dishes
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Learn to explore the versatility in creating delicious small dishes 
  • Learn fundamental skills for a lifetime of great cooking
Try out our European dazzling night of amour and elegant cuisine of France, Spain and American 
You'll learn about classic French, Spain, American ingredients and authentic cooking fundamentals...Lots! more 

Book Today!
We offer Cooking Sessions for girls of all age groups

     Bring Friends & their Dolls for a cooking sessions, Book tday! 

         Girls learning the Art of Cooking @ Cooking Schools Everywhere...

          Mother/daughter cooking sessions, Book today! 

      SELF USA Marketplace is a Interactive Shopping Experience.
                 We truly are looking forward to see you at our 
New Downtown Royal Oak location...Girls are invited to book a  Cooking session w/ their Friends, Family and/or Dolls. Girls can wear their costumes (i.e. diva or princess etc.),dress-up in their favorite outfit or simply wear their clothes is a fun adventure that also makes what they cook taste good
Our cooking sessions bring playtime cooking to real-cooking! 
   We're not a school, We simply host fun-time cooking for girls... 
       Note: Craftsy offer classes online

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