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Shopping @ Our European Marketplace

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. A few of our 

most popular products are shown below.

Please stop by our Market, we are excited to see you. 

Join us for our in-store market-events

girls' party ideas,
mini spa
book-clubs meet-ups,
cooking sessions and sampling;
art & theater 

Faux Furs Collection

Fashion Week Fashions  2022-2023

Funky Fashions Jewelry

Unique & Whimsical; Fun & Exciting Shopping Experience

Truly a Gotta Haves for Girls of all ages !!!

Visit Our New Marketplace in Royal Oak... 

American Girl How To's:  Doll Hair Care &  Salon Care  

 Our Salon Refreshes & Restyles your Doll(s) Hair & Restore your Doll(s) look

Ear-piercing for Dolls Available

or simple book Doll Spa Session for your Doll and Friends, 

Ask us How!!! 

Books & Book Clubs coming soon 

SPA Time!

How To Make A Spa Party Fun! Book Your Diva or Lil' Diva in Training @ The Marketplace We'll build the Setting...

Shop & S​pa featuring Bath Bombs etc...

Our Cotton Candy Pedicure begins with dipping piggy's into a warm basin of our Cotton Candy Silk Soak Syrup. 

We will also scoop a heaping amount of Cotton Candy exfoliate. 

 A creamy fluffy whipped lotion finishes off this fun experience! 

Our signature blend of sweet pink and blue cotton candy, hints of vanilla candy and topped with pink sugar crystals. 

This treatment will leave you silky smooth and smelling yummy!

Visit our Home Decor

Fun Whimsical Bags, Purses & Totes






Off the Shoulder

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