SELF USA European Marketplace 

Our Market Place is both Unique & Whimsical

Meet Mr. Louie, a seizure services Dog w/ Gots of Personality 

Louie's is a very handsome and spoiled  Shih Tzu. He has provided us with a list of all Things He Likes to wear, eat & play with and share with his friends at the Doggie Park. 

Therefore, we put everything Louie likes in our Shoppe...
                            After All he is the Marketing Manage for The Doggie shoppe :-)

Doggie Shoppe & Cafe Treats 

* Toy Dogs for those who can't have real ones

* Parent Aprons (Funny)

* Dog's Beauty & Health Products

POSH doggie items

* Placemat

* Toys 

* Fashion Boutique

* Plushies

Gourmet Treat & GiftsShoppe

* Fresh Baked Treats

* Pre-Baggie Treats

* Teeth Cleaning (Treats & Items)

* Bowls, Dishes, Banks, Collars, Picture

* Cupcakes, Bones, Brownies, Cookies, Ice Cream Cones, Candy Bars, Pastries, Chicken,Turkey, Beef, Veal Treats; Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter, Natural Gourmet, Marrow Treats, Beef & Chicken Sticks & Jerky, Party Treats, Bagels, Booties, Lollipops, Books, By the lb Mix & Match

     POSH Doggie Items & Treats at most locations