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Our Market Place is both Unique & Whimsical

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SELF USA European Marketplace Online, is a new concept market with a strong belief in the art of venture shopping for those must haves!

Our Brick and Mortar Stores are vehicles for a girl's imagination to take voyage . Finding the right fashions and style can be a daunting process, especially if you’ve got lil one, tween or teen, who’ll settle for no less than perfection look...Our Whimsy and Unique fashion are the key to one SELF.

From Mother/Daughter to Dolly and Me, lots of one of a kinds to runawy fashions...Our online store carry home decor, houseware essentials, girls room accessories/essentials and more.

 Please Enjoy! 


All Infant & Toddler Clothes Girls 5-8 Clothes Girls, Tweens & Teens Clothes Adults: Clothes Special Occasion Dresses Pants-Sets- Legging-Tops Sweaters-Jackets-Coats Purses & Whimsy Bags Spa: Nail & Hair Essentials Unique & Whimsical Jewelry Cute /Whimsy Aprons for Girls Costumes & Harajuku items Holiday items Black Friday Promo/Sales Dolls & Doll Essentials
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