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A Paris Style and USA Inspired


Where having Fun is What We Do Best...

SELF USA European Marketplace is an unique market of unique &whimsy items edging on "the art of shopping".  We offer jewelry from regional and national artists known for creating signature designs using a variety of metals and accents in unusual combinations. We carry high-end fashions from some of the top designers for girls and young women fashions, in USA & Europe. Old world markets, loves American Made Products and Goods, but like the French really know how to add a designer's distinctive quality to girls' clothes and accessories. We decided to bring the concept of old world markets 'charms with the uniqueness for whimsical                        and collective goods that will enhance every girl enthusiasm and expressions.

Our Marketplace carry only those niceties and quirky must have's!

 We've set our site on USA, Mexico, Africa, Japan, Spain + Paris and other European countries

SELF USA European Marketplace, is a new concept market with a strong belief in the art of venture shopping. Venture shopping is that shopping we all do where we find those unique shops and boutiques that carry's those specialty lines of whimsical accessories and gifts. We encourage individual expression for girl's  fashion, exclusive to clothing, jewelry, art, colorful hair extensions, art splat, inspired temporary & rebellious colored hair chalks, nail art, spa, room décor, & more... After all shopping shouldn't only be to buy what one should also be to simply purchase those "Gotta Haves!"(from Retro to Trendy).

Our market gives an irresistible feel to a European style marketplace with a blend of Europe & Japan & American imagination.

We hope to see you! Check back later for new updates to our website. Our Website is interactive...
 There's much more to come!

 Enjoy! Encounter! Explore! 


The uniqueness of a world market in our marketplace, exclusive items and fashions from Japan, Paris, London & Mexico or discover ones own styles. 

Inspired-modern home-goods/room décor'              


                        Our downtown markets invites you to experience an ever-changing  

                                 showcase of select products in Paris environment


                                We search the world of imagination to unique accessories,

                                  home essentials, antiques,  crafts, foods, toys, fashions, beauty, dolls

                          Old World Charm Where Little Girls Can Explore  a Whole New World                                                                


Girls Like What They Like!   And They Like SELF USA Marketplace...


SELF USA European Marketplace is a new insight to a unique bravura and uncanny newness to Shopping!

SELF USA European Marketplace, theme of celebrating the joy and honesty of good quality coffee, the duo created a brand experience that integrates not only the practical features, while letting customers dive in to the sensual world of coffee and tea.

In drawing attention to the company’s product s range in the relatively small space, SELF USA European Marketplace strikes a balance between inspiration and expertise for that young consumer to the young at heart consumer.

This little in size market is very large in their uniqueness and whimsical items throughout the marketplace.

It truly a must see for girls to shop and interact as well as join varies to in-house clubs and workshops. Great opportunities for SELF USA Members via the membership program (ref.; girls can start their own book-clubs, theater group, jewelry-making, cooking clubs, spa groups, art &crafts  and variety of how to’s  clinics + entrepreneur-programs including Friends and Mother/ Daughter and Dads are welcome.

The interior of the store is an invitation for customers to explore the “Doll & Me, Coffee & Teas to Home-Essentials” range through an innovative and multi-sensory experience.

Our gift shop carry unique and whimsical gift that combined seamlessly. The market atmosphere includes beauty to bring a breath of fresh air to the frenzied shopping

The shop is slow pace interactive market giving visitors the impression of a minimal, monochromatic space that includes a candy shop, runway fashions, toys & rare gifts, kid’s spa and coffee shop.

One of the main challenges was to specifically target, market, communicate and introduce our marketplace as a concept store; whilst maintaining a USA/ European brand image.

Our buyers have joined forces, presenting a specially curated edit of worldwide exclusive girls (women’s truck sales/ pop-ups) fashion pieces, must-have lifestyle and the hottest beauty looks in special in-store pop-ups (Please check at store level or online for dates for pop-ups events).

European Marketplace  

                        Shop US and Europe. No passport needed                           

Our European-American  Marketplace is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction -

 we'll do everything to keep  you coming back. 

We're pleased to have you as a customer and will continue to meet 

                           your expectations and then some. 

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions,                                          please feel free to contact us!

  ***********************************************************************************************************************                                                                 Community Marketplace

     Our Marketplace is an interactive market placed in downtown communities and adjoining urban cities                                                                                    Shop, Play, Live, Enjoy!  

We truly want families to park and walk their neighborhood and Shop businesses, meet their neighbors and enjoy their unique undertaking our European  Marketplaces

Our marketplace is for shopping with friends and family; a place for girls of all ages to experience the art of socializing...while learning and enjoying the how to sessions...handmade art and jewelry and more...


    Shopping @ The Marketplace

Be prepared to spend time in our market... it might take hours when having fun shopping,tasting, designing or simply sitting in our unique & whimsical market. 

From the very young to the very old find SELF USA European Marketplace to be that specialty shop they love to visit in Paris, London, New York, Chicago, New Mexico,  Japan ...and  their very own neighborhood.,with a touch of Pure Michigan...

Our Products

Our product line and merchandise is mostly exclusive to our market and /or fashion week...we carry green items and interactive toys, unique and whimsical dolls. We make dolls and bears. We cook up great samples (Soups, Pastries, Chicago Hot Dogs) and Our Coffees &Teas are exceptional (brew or beans). 

We offers Spa and Beauty sessions and Nail Accessories and more... dress(costumes)-up, come shop in costume or simply build your own unique style in fashions or pick a time period...

By the way Don't Forget to Visit our Candy Shoppe...Ask for a sample! Friday's are special saving day; Saturday's are open market 

(vendors & sampling).


   Walk away w/ lots of deals or simply enjoy spending time with us; Get overwhelm enjoying the many things in our Exclusive World Market

 Sample a cup of Java or Blending Loose Teas :-) 

                    We have Coffee & Teas by the oz or pound mix discover your own Blend!
         Pick-up a Free Flyer on the History of Teas, it tell about different blends and their benefit too you!                 


YOUR One Stop Fun and Exciting Interactive Store, A Girl's Must Have!

  • Spa anytime  (BFF or Dolly & Me) Tattoo & Nail Art, Spa/Sugar Scrubs, Bath Gels
  • Designer's Outfits for Girls & Their Dolls
  • Dress-up (Fashions & Costumes)
  • Up do's hair-do (colorful extensions)
  • Cooking Sessions (By Appointment & Workshop in Session Posting)
  • Doll-making (By Appointment & Workshop in Session Posting)
  • Toys & Dolls &  Painting/Coloring
  • Doll Hair Salon (includes ear piercing)
  • Book Club (s) American Girl, Girl's Cook Book Club, Princess Book Club & more
  • Jewelry/ Jewelry-making classes & sessions
*New Doll Arrival; Want to show her off  book a Tea Party, Girls Day Out, Book a Doll-makeover, Spa Time
                                                         Shop, Play & Interact w/ Friends..
 It's cold outside, come inside to various events and workshops, meet-up w/ friends, start a book club, make your own scrub 

New Arrival from New York Fashion Week for 2018 & 2019

Shop Now! (visit Our online store, Now Open)

Distinctive Gifts For Moms, includes: Housewares, painting, Home-Essentials 
GIRL'S Must Haves!
Whimsical Fashions, Unique toys, dolls/doll Fashions Spa items, Jewelry, Books & more 
Great Buys!

 We're an Interactive + New Concept Store for Girls

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SELF USA Supports Entrepreneurship  Start a Babysitting Club AM offers Great Tips on
How to Be A Great Babysitter
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Wait! There's More...

 From Europe to Our Marketplace for those

     European charm & Whimsical Gift(s)

Have a mother/daughter, Girls day out, BBF, Grand-Mother/Daughter, Dolly & Me,  Clubs Venture 
 Lot of Fun quality Time Under one Roof, with a Diverse Style in the Shopping Experience

European and Old World Fashions for Babies, Infants, Girls 

SELF USA European Marketplace

Friends!       Besties!         Real BFF!        Best Friends Forever!         Friendship!

Meet-ups at The Marketplace: interactive games, making gardens + shopping

            SELF: Finding one's SELF making your own look, being ones SELF 

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